December 3, 2021

Is your Website’s Enquiry/Contact form Integrated with CRM?


Many Business owners are now showing interest in taking their business online by developing a professional website with all elements like great content, rich UI/UX and relevant information about all their services and products with their contact details even some people have basic contact form or enquiry where their potential customers will show their interest. 

But the reality is in most of the websites the enquiry form is the section which we least bother about. Either we will trigger those enquiries to an email address which we or our team won’t check on a regular basis or the form itself will stop working in a few days due to various reasons. Ultimately the goal of putting up a website and generating leads has not served its purpose which leads to poor sales.


Growing your business by generating new qualified leads from your website and automatically capturing them to your CRM Software (You don’t know what is CRM or have not implemented it for your Business yet? You are missing something really valuable for all these days – Act Immediately!)


Creates a Database of Potential Clients 

Having a database of customers who are interested in your services or products will give you a superpower. Because those were the people who are already got convinced with your product or service, researched well about your business and shown their interest which means converting these people into paying customers is very much easier for you or your sales team. You can save a lot of time here which you can use for some other activity.

Creates an email list for the email campaign

There are 4 billion daily email users. Email is a top ROI-generating tool for individuals and organizations who have a lean marketing budget which gives better results in the short term if implemented strategically. You can even build loyal followers by creating content and publishing it through email newsletters.

Creates a Mobile Number List for SMS Campaign

Millienals mostly rely on Mobile Phone for most of their daily activities be it alarm, shopping, reminders, notes even some are checking their official mails also in mobile. Usage of Mobile devices has shown up a drastic spike after this covid pandemic and Internet liberalization by JIO. 

So you have to show your presence where your customers are looking for you. With SMS API and WhatsApp API, you can reach your potential audience directly to their inbox with your great service and product which will give you a higher chance of conversion

Get to know what your clients are really looking for

Sometimes you can get valuable and game-changing feedback for your product or service from your clients. Many Businesses have done this and turned out to be billion-dollar companies by implementing those feedbacks in the right way and at the right time.

Always keep an eye on the message field of your enquiry form where you can get to know what your customers are really looking for from you.

Improves Customer Support experience

It is not mandatory that every customer who is submitting the enquiry form on your website is coming to take your service. They may reach you for many other reasons such as knowing more about your business, process, Payment terms, or even they may raise queries on the existing service or product they have already availed from you. 

So kindly give importance to each and every enquiry made on your website. You will be appreciated by your customers when you promptly respond to their queries. This will build trust which eventually drives more sales by word of mouth.

Better Customer Profiling

You have a great database of customers who are interested in your services or products. Is this enough to get going?. Actually not. Every customer is different if you offer multiple services. Hence you need to tag them based on their interests and target with the relevant content and service through email or mobile marketing.

It’s time to take action!!!

Assuming you have read all the above content. I’m not going to convince you any more to implement this on your website. You know what value it will create for your business if you implement this solution. “It’s your time to decide and dive into action”. Still, need help? We are there for you. Reach out to or call us at +91-7092969091.

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